Organic Beauty and Well-being

2 thoughts on “Organic Beauty and Well-being”

  1. It’s hard for me to find natural and organic skin-care that actually WORKS. A-lot of what I’ve tried either causes me to break out, smells funky, is too goopy/thick or just doesn’t do anything for my skin. It’s bothersome for me because I really want to try and do better things for my skin.

    1. Hi daniejean20, nice to see your comment here 🙂 I think it´s always difficult to find the right products for you and your skin regardless of being natural or not. I would recommend you send an email to the brands asking for advice about which of their products may be best for your skin (this depends on your skin type and its sensitivity) Costumer services are usually very nice and happy to help. Regarding the smell and the consistency, yes, these products feel and smell very different to the ones we are used to. Remember that the natural ones contain far less artificial ingredients. Your body may need some time to adjust to them as we are so used to the ones that contains high levels of harsh chemicals and their sticky intense smells. Sometimes natural ones may feel odd at first. If you give them a go and keep using them, you will notice the difference and their wonderful effects in a few weeks to months 🙂

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