Winter Essentials

When I made my resolution those few months ago I needed a few new warmer clothes as the winter was getting close. You know that time of year – when you start to dust off your previous year’s clothes and find things you’d completely forgotten you owned! Even here in England where, let’s be honest, … Continue reading Winter Essentials


Today, 8th of March, we celebrate International Women’s Day. This year, more than ever, this day of recognition draws attention to the global movement of women’s rights, equality and justice. It is a day when women around the world join together in force and voice to support the creation of a world in which sexual … Continue reading Equality

Baby Steps

There are 4 easy steps I made and you can make too to kickstart this adventure! 1. Stop buying clothes  I don’t mean forever. Just for a while. Give yourself some time to reflect on the clothes you already own – which are your favourites; the ones you wear the most; the ones you never … Continue reading Baby Steps


Hi Everyone, My name is Silvia Berastegui and I am a 27 year old female entrepreneur, originally from the north of Spain, but currently living in the sunny coastal city of Brighton, UK. I love fashion, travelling, painting, food and books. After a lot of thinking I’ve finally decided to launch my own blog about … Continue reading Hola!